Arbors & Gates

Often called the "bones of a garden," structures such as arbors, gates, and gazebos add character and function to a landscape. Nature's Way Landscaping incorporates these structures to create privacy in your outdoor environment. Arbors, gates, and gazebos make outside areas feel like rooms as they provide a place to relax and unwind. Also, these structures continue to function as attractive landscape elements during the winter months.

Arbors and pergolas add an element of interest to an otherwise flat garden by drawing the eye upward. They direct traffic, blend or separate different garden areas, and provide support for climbing vines. An attractive gate makes a warm welcome for guests. Gazebos are the perfect place to relax with a glass of wine or hold family dinners. Even colorful pots filled with annuals provide a focal point in gardens and help create a room-like atmosphere. Ultimately, these structures are the "accessories" of the garden and should be used where needed.

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