Areas for Entertaining

As Nature's Way views your home with a designer's eye, there can be several questions that arise. One of the biggest requests is to have areas for large entertainment, yet you don't want to be stuck with a large expansiveness if you want to enjoy it on a day to day basis with a crowd of 2! Sitting in such an area is quite uncomfortable and the use of space is all but ignored.

One of our philosophy's of design is the proper use of traffic patterns and the setting up of outdoor rooms. Guiding the flow of traffic is a crucial element in preventing constant bombardment of kids over-running the "adult table" or repeated tripping over chairs and table arrangements. Rooms can be defined in many ways. Often, the simple proper placement of one tree can set up an entire area. Other times, rooms can be defined with patterns or lines in the ground surface, a water feature, or more permanent structures such as a built in bench or seat wall.

Items that we consistently see on the wish list:
  • patios
  • pools
  • hot tub
  • fireplaces
  • fire pits
  • tennis court
  • bocce ball court
  • pool house
  • areas for grilling
  • outdoor kitchen
The list can grow as wide as one's imagination. When incorporating so many elements within an outdoor space, a well designed landscape plan will determine the success of the entire site. While in use, the harmony of the spaces that we've created will be evident, even if only on the subconscious level as you enjoy a warm fire in the late fall or a cool swim on those hot summer days!

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