Landscape Construction

Landscape construction is the aspect that brings the landscape design to life. As the landscape design is the road map to where you would like to go, landscape construction is the vehicle to get you there. Nature's Way has excelled in this area for over 35 years.

Beginning Construction

Landscaping has a logical order of progression. The process begins with the landscape plan; after that comes the implementation of that plan which involves the construction; then lastly, the maintenance aspect of the entire project. Landscape construction covers all the components of the landscape plan and usually begins with the "hardscape."

The Hardscape

The term "hardscape" is used to describe such items as retaining walls, patios, walks and drives, etc. These are structural items of the landscape plan around which the plantings flow. The hardscape is the bones behind the outdoor space that we create for you. Nature's Way is in constant search for unique products to set your project apart from the rest.


After the "hardscapes" are completed, then comes the layout and installation of the plantings. The plantings will range from shade trees, ornamental trees, and evergreens to groundcovers and lawn areas. It is the blend of the plantings, their flower color, leaf color and texture, branching habit and growth characteristics that all come together to enhance the hardscape and provide a pleasing environment.

The Work

Often times homeowners do not realize the physical demands of digging holes, moving plants, building retaining walls or laying patios. Professionals do this type of work everyday and have both the physical stamina and equipment with which to do the job efficiently.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Nature's Way takes pride in our wide selection and use of unusual plantings, always ensuring that they will survive in our Plant Hardiness Zone 5/6. As you might guess, with the meticulous effort that is put into the design and construction of our landscapes, we have no problem guaranteeing our work. All of our plant material is guaranteed for one year from the date of installation.

Our employees are our greatest asset. You can be assured the Project Manager assigned to your project is competent, well equipped, professional and dedicated to serving you. Our project managers have all been with us for up to 24 years. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so visit the photo gallery and see for yourself.

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