Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of four distinct units; design, support, construction and maintenance.

Currently there are 3 full time designers; Gene de la Foret, Shawn de la Foret, and Ryan Montgomery.

Ryan is a Michigan State University graduate with 2 degrees; Bachelor of Science Horticulture and Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. Growing up on the East side of the state, Ryan has planted his roots here in Saint Joseph and uses his talents to create natural spaces for our client's homes. His amazing ability to create computer imaging aids the entire staff and offers a window into the future for our clients to see what will become of their outdoor living space.

Gene is the owner of the company, who with the help of his son Shawn, oversees the day-to-day operations of Nature's Way. Both have extensive plant knowledge and many years of designing spaces.

All together, the design team are the visionaries behind the beautiful projects that you see here on our site and throughout the community.

Our front office is head up by a wonderful team consisting of the office manager, Laura Rosenthal, and Nicole de la Foret. Together, they are the nucleus that keeps the entire company organized and efficient. They assist in every aspect of Nature's Way from drawings and estimates, to providing communication lines between the designers and installation crews.

We have 9 landscape construction crews and one perennial maintenance crew. The various crews are led by a Landscape Expert who is responsible for taking the landscape drawing and bringing it to life.

Our crew size generally averages between 3 and 4 people, yet can be as many as 10 to 12 depending on the size of the project and the type of work to be accomplished.

The perennial maintenance crew visits their assigned residential and commercial properties as often as requested to weed, fertilize, prune or do whatever is necessary to keep that property looking its best.

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